wabi-sabi (5/15/22)

This is a 10-year “anniversary” remastered/remixed version of an album first recorded between February and June of 2012.  All the songs were composed during that time as well, except for “love (in context).”  Wabi-sabi documents a passionate but tumultuous love relationship I was in at the time, one that was rekindled and very nearly re-consummated … More wabi-sabi (5/15/22)

remastered video: “fullbody soulmoment sightlightning” (4/2/2022)

lyrics: let’s build an arch here we’ll make the house rules it all feels so smooth and warm and right every glance a dance hands that make love slow hearts that beat too fast I’ve seen your face before somewhere up close so familiar that infinite kiss and parallel universes 370 let’s build an arch … More remastered video: “fullbody soulmoment sightlightning” (4/2/2022)