“live” in 1994, part 1 (7/27/22)

These are mostly only “demo” quality at best, even after digital remastering, but there are some good moments.  “Amoeba Song” of course became one of my standards (later versions include an outro with additional vocals), as was “Sound Judgment.” lyrics: day year life alone. burned my finger in the candle flame. I’m raving. where’s my … More “live” in 1994, part 1 (7/27/22)

’90s “live”archives (continued) (6/19/2022)

A song about self-respect, one about hope, and another about boredom. There are more definitive (i.e. much better) versions of “infinite potential” and “sheriff got married to a porn star” in the archives, but I decided that these were also worth preserving and sharing. I don’t think there is another recording of “you deserve more,” … More ’90s “live”archives (continued) (6/19/2022)