as a musician, royce plays piano, guitar, and occasionally sings.  he has been composing original music since 1988.  his music has appeared in short films, plays, videos, on the radio, and in public places in multiple states.

as an artist, royce dabbles with paint, colored pencils, blimpo-animals, occasional animation, and other artistic media as the spirit moves him.

assorted short film projects can be found on his youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@roycegrubic2620

a few years ago he the reviews editor and contributing artist/designer for the Red Savina Review, an online literary journal.  he has written three novels and is currently working on a fourth. Two of his novels, The Violinist and sNOweYES, are available on Amazon.

in lieu of fame or fortune for his creative exploits, royce teaches writing, philosophy, and other subjects at the college level and is a professional editor.

his editing services can be hired through the WSU Professional Editing Service website or by contacting him personally at roycegrubic@gmail.com




this one is 15 years later than the top one…strange but true

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