new magik (11/20/2018)—updated 12/10

I’ve been a part of so many cosmic occurrences (or often what feels like elaborate cosmic practical jokes) that I can’t reject the supernatural —more than that, I consider myself open to the cues it sends me, but I have no idea what the purpose is, if there is any, or if any of it even matters.  The intuition and insight I have is heavy and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to wrap my mind around it.  But I can still try to purify myself, create and share beauty and laughter, try to make myself and others around me wiser and more authentic, send genius and love out into the world the best that I can and hope to connect.  Meeting someone like the person these songs were inspired by was a reminder of what the meaning of life could be…that magic is in the music.  It is pure.  It was in hers also; it’s in her.  She could hear it and me.  The songs express this. But then somehow that bond quickly only led to disappointment and the latest cruel practical joke.  Maybe because it’s scary, intense stuff.  Still, I can feel that the meaning of life is all about the magic….recognizing when it shows up, being ready for it, embracing it, increasing it.  If that isn’t, it should be.  I’m not afraid to try to make this a reality.  But it’s depressing as a solo game, and that’s because it absolutely is meant to be shared.

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