“new” album—pilgrim (6/11/2017)

This music was originally composed late 1994/early 1995 and recorded on computer, which in those days led to a mixdown on a good ol’ fashioned cassette tape.  In 2005, using updated software, I re-recorded the entire album again from scratch.  Below is a remixed and remastered 2017 version, with some occasional different touches and minor additions, the product of meticulous work over the last few weeks.  The album is best described as a fusion of classical, techno, jazz, funk, afro-cuban, and middle eastern music.  Thematically, as the title “pilgrim” suggests, it represents a journey through music styles and my own journey through life.  I’m very proud of many of these songs and even sometimes astounded that I was able to create them.  


original 2005 album cover:


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