deep cuts, part 3 (7/22/2016)

More remixed recordings from 2004 with new electric guitar parts:

theme from “blue”

A jazzed up cover of the main theme from the Kieslowski film.  For me, Blue is the lesser of the “Trois Couleurs” films (only compared to the genius of Red and White), but it did have the most striking music of the three.  


Uptempo and horn-y.


“x” and “y” didn’t make the cut (seriously).  The first part reminds me of the theme from “Taxi” or some other sitcom from my youth, but then it takes a major turn, as you’ll hear.

“pimps of pulchritude”

This is an instrumental version of a song from my concept album about the pimp game, which was titled Give Me Some Goddamn Money.  “No Mojo” posted on the Vox page is also from those home studio recording sessions.


Probably my oldest piano composition, I remember working out much of this around 1992 in a piano practice room at the University of Richmond.  I’m sure the music professors walking by thought I was  only slightly more skilled than a chimpanzee (sort of true at the time), but it’s surprisingly complicated music, at least for the right hand.


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