semi-random remix of the week (8/13/2015)— “gorilla song”

originally recorded early 2005.  (In response to the Beatles’ “yeah yeah yeah,” this has “yeah yeah yeah maybe.”)
me and my buddy go out chasing squirrels
but we don’t catch too many no
the only one we caught was dead
I guess it was electrocuted yeah yeah yeah maybe
I haven’t taken it to the vet yet
my buddy likes to eat things off the street
once I even saw him eat a turd yeah
I wonder if he got drunk at spring break
would his bark get slurred? yeah yeah yeah maybe
he’s a dog named gorilla
check out those squirrels gone wild
flashing their fleshy acorns yeah
drunk off their trees
branch burns on their knees yeah yeah yeah maybe
gonna get Snoop Doggy Dogg to shoot the video
he’s a dog named gorilla


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