new music

 glare4 instrumental songs   spring-summer 2015

“broken toy”
—I’ve devised interesting percussion tracks like this one by slowing down preset club loops to a crawl. the song title refers to how some women prefer to play with broken toys when it comes to men.  

“gorilla theme, part 1”
—mostly piano.  a requiem but with gratitude and hope.
“gorilla theme, part 5”
—piano and synth flute (with a little tremolo).  for my best friend.

 “gorilla theme, part 5b”
—time keeps on tickin’

“gorilla theme, part 6”
—piano demo with some orchestration (in progress)

—instrumental, mostly piano with synth strings and flutes…suggesting bells and restraint

—a more intricate piece with similar instrumentation and tender, longing middle part

—spacey-oceanic-floaty exploration into call and response

“or someone like her”
—a gentle, sparse piano ballad with synth strings and flutes

“unity 4”
—a little jazz

“unity 3”
—kind of a bolero version of the same tune

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