* the misinforum, featuring royce’s demented satirical humor and photoshop skillz, is now on twitter!  check it out here.

royce has written two novels, both dark comedies.  Each is for sale on Amazon:

violinist.jpgThe Violinist


meetingseek and ye shall find more websites:

the red savina podcast

The following is part 1 of the “Red Saview Review—What is Literature?” podcast, featuring Royce plus John Gist:

royce recommends the following links for your ears, eyes, and inner sense:
dry river yacht club 
rose windows 
gregory alan isakov 
gillian welch  
the living sisters  
sharon van etten  
jesse sykes  
tord gustavsen trio  
emiliani torrini  
loudon wainwright III   
carina round  
kristin hersh  
liz durrett  
adrian belew  
king crimson  

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