’90s “live”archives (continued) (6/19/2022)

A song about self-respect, one about hope, and another about boredom. There are more definitive (i.e. much better) versions of “infinite potential” and “sheriff got married to a porn star” in the archives, but I decided that these were also worth preserving and sharing. I don’t think there is another recording of “you deserve more,” … More ’90s “live”archives (continued) (6/19/2022)

wabi-sabi (5/15/22)

This is a 10-year “anniversary” remastered/remixed version of an album first recorded between February and June of 2012.  All the songs were composed during that time as well, except for “love (in context).”  Wabi-sabi documents a passionate but tumultuous love relationship I was in at the time, one that was rekindled and very nearly re-consummated … More wabi-sabi (5/15/22)